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Ebby’s Pet Essentials provides high-quality pet products for dogs and cats. Ebby’s was founded after our late Golden Retriever, a much-loved part of the family. Having many years experience buying and trialling numerous pet essentials for both Ebby and previous pets, we believe we have found the products which will meet both the needs of the pet and owner.

Our Products​



Push button, easy clean mechanism
Suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes
Medium to long coats
Gentle on pets


  • A high-quality slicker brush which is easy-to-use and makes pets look fabulous
  • Removes loose and unwanted hair
  • Prevents tangles and knots with ease
  • Angled pins work deep through your pet’s coat leaving it shiny and healthy
  • Rounded tips protect pet sensitive skin from injury
  • Comfort grip handle makes it easy to hold
  • Push button for quick and easy cleanup
  • Dimensions: 175mm (length) x 108mm (wide) x 60mm (height)
  • ABS+TPR+stainless steel needle, which is durable and can be used for a long time


  • On a dry coat use gentle short strokes in the direction of hair growth
  • Brush down and out to grab loose hair
  • Carefully brush through matts and tangles particularly on delicate areas like tail and stomach
  • Prevent skin irritation by not brushing one area for too long
  • Regularly push button to remove hair from brush

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